Wines made with
the heart

From the beginning, our goal has been to make the wines that we like the most, and to do so whilst respecting tradition, and listening to the terroir.
This idea had to be reflected in the name, the wine had to transmit the terroir, the grape, the climate of the Lagar de la Salud, at the same time as our vision. So we didn’t change the name, we just changed the point of view, and that’s how Dulas (Salud in reverse) was born.

The terroir: our worst kept secret

Between olive trees and forming gentle hills, there are 8.5 ha of vineyards segmented into 6 plots each one with their own character. We are in a transition zone where clay-calcareous soils predominate with different limestone, sand and iron content.
This variability in the terroir makes possible the presence of different expressions of the same variety, which enriches our wines and constitutes their personality.

Our Wines

Dulas del Lagar de la Salud White Barrel Fermented 2021

Dulas del Lagar de la Salud White Sur Lies 2022

Dulas del Lagar de la Salud Red American Oak 2021

 Dulas del Lagar de la Salud Red French Oak 2022

Dulas del Lagar de la Salud Rosé 2023

Philosophy of
Lagar De La Salud

From respect and trust in our land, the Lagar de la Salud winery is focused on the fusion between tradition and avant-garde.

Our goal is to produce wines of unique character, expressing freshness and youth, integrating the personality and style of the south with winemaking methods selected from different regions of the wine-growing world.

Lagar de la Salud news

Green pruning of vines

The vine is a crop that requires continuous care throughout the year. The maintenance of the vines is essential to guarantee a good harvest when the grapes are harvested. One of these tasks is green pruning. What is green pruning? Green pruning is generally called green pruning, although it is also known as spring pruning.…

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We care about biodiversity

We would like to tell you that we are collaborating with the European project “SECBIVIT”, which is taking place in Spain, France, Germany, Austria and Romania, five of the main wine growing regions in Europe. The SECBIVIT project investigates the effects of soil management on vine rows, the intensity of pest control in vineyards as…

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Plants and insects that help us

We are convinced that in order to improve vineyard production, we must have a balanced and diverse environment, that is, we must promote an agrosystem that is as complete as possible. In nature there are insects called natural enemies or auxiliary fauna, we like to call them beneficial insects. They perform a biological control, or…

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