Dulas del Lagar de la Salud White Sur Lies 2021

15.25 IVA incluido

The name Dulas pays homage to its home, to its origins and to a different way of doing things. That is why it is “saluD” read from another perspective, because we believe that there is no beginning or end, only learning and transformation.



The 2020 has given us some good things, such as time and patience, which are reflected in this wine. It was bottled a few months later than it should have been and the flor yeast started to work on its own before deconfining.

Pale in color with greenish reflections. Explosion of aromas on the nose: freshly cut pears and apples and stone fruit. Fresh and unctuous on the palate, with volume marked by aging on the lees and a persistent finish.

The fundamental principle of our work is to take care of the raw material. Throughout the year we work in the vineyard respecting and trying to improve the environment that surrounds us. Following this philosophy, in the winery we treat our grapes and our wine with the utmost care.

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