Our history

Nestled in the center of Andalusia and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, Lagar de la Salud is located near the historic city of Montilla, in Córdoba.

Since 1882, the Lagar de la Salud estate has seen four generations of a family grow and develop, passionate about the cultivation of their vineyards and the production of wines.

From a very young age, Miguel Puig, fourth generation, works in the vineyard and performs his microvinifications and experiments in Lagar de la Salud. After planting red varieties on the farm, he performs tests with oak. Then comes 2009, an excellent vintage in many parts of the world, also in Montilla, and Miguel gets completely hooked on making red wine.

In 2012, while living in France, he met Fátima Ceballos, a winemaker, at that time working in a winery in Languedoc-Roussillon. The enological world unites them and they begin a journey sharing wines, projects and routes through wineries in Languedoc, Provence, South Africa, Rhône, Bordeaux, Penedès … and on a vacation, they land in Lagar de la Salud.

Before the harvest, in a Pedro Ximénez grape tasting, they were amazed by the properties and characteristics of this grape, and they wondered why its use was limited to certain elaborations. This is how in 2015 they began to experiment with the Pedro Ximénez grape, a new pruning system, reduced yield, barrel fermentation, controlled temperature until the end of the process, … and this is how the first 100% Pedro Ximénez, barrel fermented, wine emerged, controlled between Montilla, Seville and Bordeaux.

In 2017, after this period of experimentation searching for a unique product, faithful to the journey and the values ​​of its environment, Lagar de la Salud launched with enthusiasm the first vintage of Dulas del Lagar de La Salud; a wine with personality that reveals another side of Pedro Ximénez.

Our wines are born preserving the traditionthrough the avant-garde.