Our philosophy

From respect and trust in our land, the Lagar de la Salud winery is focused on the fusion between tradition and avant-garde.

Our goal is to produce wines of unique character, expressing freshness and youth, integrating the personality and style of the south with production methods selected from different regions of the wine-growing world.

​Love / Earth.

We believe that the possibilities of our land are immense. We find in Montilla a complex and diverse terroir with great enological value. We have a privileged pago and we want to honor it.

Care / The vineyard.

We believe that the soul and personality of a wine are forged in the vineyard. Throughout the year we accompany the vineyard in its cycle, respecting and caring the environment that surrounds us.

Respect / The winery.

We make our wines in the same winery where our ancestors did. A work organized as before, focused on quality, adding a new ingredient: innovation.