Dulas del Lagar de la Salud Red American Oak 2021

The name Dulas pays tribute to his home, to his origins and to a different way of doing things. That is why “Salud” is The name Dulas pays tribute to its home, to its origins and to a different way of doing things. That is why “saluD” is read from another perspective, because we believe that there is no beginning or end, only learning and transformation.


100% Cabernet Sauvignon


Pago del Lagar de la Salud, Montilla


Calcareous clays

Cultural practices in the vineyard: respect for biodiversity

We carry out minimum tillage of our plots throughout the year. Every 2 years we add natural and well composted organic fertilizers to the soil. At the beginning of the year, we carry out a restrictive winter pruning in the Royat cordon style, to achieve the balance of the plant and programming a low yield. In spring, after sprouting, we carry out numerous manual interventions: green pruning, raising the canopy, trimming, clearing … Pruning, together with the respect for the auxiliary fauna and flora, intervening manually in the vineyard, will allow us to have healthy and strong plants that produce balanced fruits with a high concentration of aromatic compounds and polyphenols, as well as a quality ripening.

Production process: respect for the raw material

The harvest is done by hand in boxes of 15-20 kg. In the winery, the bunches are selected manually. After destemming (without crushing), the whole grapes are taken into our stainless steel tanks, where we carry out a cold pre-fermentation maceration. During the fermentation, we punch down 2 times a day to favor extraction and homogenization. After a period of post-fermentation maceration, we proceed with a gentle pressing. Next, clarification by gravity at room temperature. Finally, the wine is transferred to our American oak barrels, where it will rest for 10 months.

Tasting notes

Intense cherry color with ruby ​​reflections.

Exuberant nose of red berries and notes of cherries, surrounded by a fresh and balsamic veil with hints of bay leaves and eucalyptus.

Silky, subtle, enveloping in the mouth. With an aftertaste that brings us back to the balsamic notes and a bite of intense chocolate.